“I have now had a number of extremely positive hypnotherapy sessions with Justine. Justine takes the time to understand exactly what I am trying to achieve and her approach is very holistic, relaxed and professional, making each session an enjoyable experience. The results have been incredible and I would not hesitate to recommend Justine to others – she is a pleasure to work with”.

Kate Flowerdew



“I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to experience an Energetic Alignment series with the amazing Justine! Before starting my series I was feeling scattered, stressed and overwhelmed as I had a big interstate move coming up and was uncertain of what my life would hold for me. Following my series though, everything just effortlessly seemed to fall into place for me and I felt so aligned and in tune with myself. My sessions were honestly the highlight of my week- being immersed in the treatments was absolute bliss! After each session I felt completely grounded, calm and relaxed, and would float out the door! There’s just something about Justine, she has such a gentle, beautiful energy and instantly makes you feel at peace. Take the time to do something loving for yourself, and treat your body, mind and soul with this restorative practice. Trust me- you will love every single minute of it!”

Heidi Rose, Mind Body Being Coach



“After about 10 years of social smoking, I felt like I wanted some control back in my life. I went to see Justine Watt of New Leaf Healing a little unsure of what to expect as I had never been hypnotised before. I was actually surprised at how enjoyable the experience was and how relaxing it felt. After the therapy, I had a strong sense of self control and strength unfamiliar to me. Even after drinking I was able to stop from smoking. It is incredibly effective, much more successful than patches or other nicotine related controls on the market which don’t suit social smokers.

I have since recommended New Leaf Healing to many friends who have also stopped smoking for more than 12 months now. I honestly recommend giving it a go – it’s the best thing you’ll ever do for your health.”

Sonya Lee happy non smoker



“I have suffered from a fear of public speaking all my life. When a good friend asked me to read a lengthy poem at her wedding, my first reaction was to say no, but I felt like I had said no too many times before and the fear had dictated my behaviour for far too long.

On recommendation, I went to see Justine Watt for a 3 session treatment of hypnotherapy. I was instantly put at ease by her calm and warm nature. Her holistic approach to the treatment of my fear was the perfect remedy for me and remarkably the paralysing panic I used to feel when speaking in public (or even thinking about speaking in public) disappeared by the end of the treatment.

I would without doubt recommend anyone with a fear or habit to give Justine a call, as hypnotherapy is something that can change your life for the better.”

Belinda Wincote



“I found myself in an endless cycle – too much time being spent at work and I still wasn’t getting everything done. The stress from the workload kept building up and was impacting on the rest of my life. So, I decided to do something about it. I went and saw Justine to try improve my motivation and focus. I was a little skeptical at first, but I found hypnotherapy to be a powerful way of relaxing my mind, allowing me to focus properly. I now approach my days at work with greater motivation and greater enjoyment. I am more efficient; getting more done in less time! I highly recommend seeing Justine – it’s a fantastic chance to get back in control of your life.”




“I wanted to try hypnotherapy to help overcome an irritating phobia and I found out about Justine and her practice. Having never tried hypnotherapy before, I was a little nervous to begin with and I wasn’t too sure what to expect. However, Justine was very professional and friendly and I immediately felt comfortable with her and confident she could help me with my concerns. I thoroughly enjoyed hypnotherapy, it was a relaxing and enjoyable experience – and I came away from my sessions with much more self-confidence and greater self-awareness which gave me the foundation to overcome my phobia. Justine has also prescribed me herbal treatments which have greatly improved my health and general well-being. I most definitely recommend Justine and her hypnotherapy and herbal treatments for any issues/problems/concerns you wish to deal with and overcome”

Rebecca Dumbrell



“My experience with Justine has really helped me overcome fears I had carried for so long, that affected my relationships and stunted their growth. I just wish I had met Justine a long time ago… my discovery has been priceless.”

Sandra Francis



“I had smoked for 10 years and desperately wanted to quit but nothing seemed to work longer than a couple of days. So I attended hypnotherapy with Justine 18 months ago and I have not had a cigarette since. Justine made it very easy to relax and explained the method so I felt comfortable to take the journey. I completely trusted her and felt very safe in her hands. I will never look back now that I am a non-smoker, my quality of life is so much better not to mention my health. She has also helped me overcome stress and anxiety with hypnotherapy and relaxation methods which I apply now in every day situations. Justine’s warm personality, humour and professionalism made the whole experience a positive and life changing one.”


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