Habits & Addictions

Hypnotherapy has been very successful in helping people overcome bad habits and addictions such as smoking, alcohol, gambling, drugs and also patterns of behaviour such as nail biting and hair pulling, to name a few.

Habits or patterns of behaviour are set up over time to make our lives “easier”.  Once the habit or behaviour is in place, that ‘program’ can then run automatically without much conscious thought.  This can be beneficial when the habit or behaviour is a positive one, like learning to ride a bike, swim or drive a car.  However, when the habit or behaviour is undesirable it can negatively affect our lives.

As these habits or behaviours are created by the subconscious mind, it can be very difficult to break at a conscious level.  You can ‘will’ yourself to stop biting your nails, however, before you know it you find yourself biting them again as your ‘program’ runs automatically and bypasses conscious thinking.

Having the opportunity to discover the reasons why that habit or pattern of behaviour was set up at a subconscious level, can give you great insight as to why you began doing it in the first place.  Using hypnosis, and having a desire to change, you can modify that behaviour into something more positive which will better suit your life.  This can be very empowering!

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