Anxiety is the evolution of our fight or flight response.  It helps us to survive by alerting us to danger. While some anxiety is ok, as you can be cautious and prepare for life’s challenges, when anxiety occurs too frequently and intensely it can negatively affect your life.  You miss out on enjoying being present in the moment because you are focused on all the ‘what if’s’ of tomorrow.

There are many causes of anxiety. Having an understanding and appreciation of these causes can support your therapy, helping you find the road to healing and recovery.

Hypnotherapy can be very effective in your treatment of anxiety by helping you discover your own inner strengths and resources.  The state of hypnosis is deeply relaxing, allowing your mind and body to have a break.  During this break, your body can function as it is meant to and gives your nervous system a chance to recover.

You can learn self-hypnosis and strategies on how to achieve a more peaceful, relaxed attitude and way of life.

Treatment is not designed to change who you are, more to help you recover and learn to use your strengths to your advantage.  You are much stronger than you think!

We are like teabags – we don’t know our own strength until we’re in hot water
Missionary Sister Busche

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