Can you be hypnotised?

Yes, for the majority of people. No-one can be hypnotised against their will.

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes. Hypnosis is completely safe. Most people experience a deep relaxation and find it very enjoyable.

Can Hypnotherapy benefit you?

Yes, for the majority of people. If you desire positive change, or want to achieve a goal, hypnotherapy can be very effective.

As hypnotherapy delves deep into the subconscious, a hypnotherapist can more easily ascertain the initial cause of the problem and set about creating improved and positive outcomes.

How do you choose a Hypnotherapist?

It is important that you feel comfortable with the therapist you choose. It could be a good idea to ask around for a referral, as many people you know may have been to a Hypnotherapist. Otherwise, make a few calls and see who you feel most at ease with.

It is also a good idea to ensure the Hypnotherapist you choose is registered with a recognised Association to ensure they have high professional standards and are governed by a Code of Ethics.

Will you lose control or be “put under”?

No. You are always in control and will never agree to or accept any negative suggestions.

Hypnotherapy does not involve putting clients “under”, nor are you ever unconscious.

Hypnosis is not something that is ‘done’ to you. Your hypnotherapist will guide you and help you achieve a relaxed state of hypnosis.

What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the way you communicate with yourself and with others.

The meaning of NLP is:

  • Neuro – the way we think
  • Linguistic –how we communicate both verbally and non-verbally
  • Programming – the patterns of our emotions and behaviour

NLP can create changes quickly and help people overcome their problems with ease and transform the way they experience their lives. NLP does this by helping to remodel behaviour and emotional patterns.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions needed will vary from person to person.

A clinical hypnotherapist will work with you in preparing a suitable treatment plan, taking into consideration your personal circumstances, and help you achieve a goal (or goals) that you may have thought was too hard or even impossible.

Will my session (or sessions) be covered by my health fund?

Depending on which type of health cover you have with your health fund, you may be able to claim a rebate for your Hypnotherapy or Herbal Medicine consultations.

For any questions or to book a session, feel free to get in touch.

new leaf healing

After about 10 years of social smoking, I felt like I wanted some control back in my life.

I went to see Justine Watt of New Leaf Healing a little unsure of what to expect as I had never been hypnotised before. I was actually surprised at how enjoyable the experience was and how relaxing it felt.

After the therapy, I had a strong sense of self control and strength unfamiliar to me. Even after drinking I was able to stop from smoking. It is incredibly effective, much more successful than patches or other nicotine related controls on the market which don’t suit social smokers.

I have since recommended New Leaf Healing to many friends who have also stopped smoking for more than 12 months now. I honestly recommend giving it a go – it’s the best thing you’ll ever do for your health.

– Sonya L

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