Energetic Alignment

Energetic Alignment is a 12 session healing, clearing and aligning journey intended to help you operate from your true self, physically, spiritually and emotionally.  The process is designed to help you release old patterns and blockages and live your true purpose.

It is one treatment divided up into 12 weeks.  This allows each treatment time for integration on all levels.

Each person is unique so the individual experiences will vary.  During and following the treatments, you may experience physical changes or changes emotionally. When you experience more of your own natural energy becoming available and held, your usual way of operating or coping may also change.

The body is designed for growth, self- sustainability (health) and fulfilment (happiness). The overall intention of the energetic alignment process is to empower you to operate from the real you. The sessions are relaxing, nurturing, they will involve you lying on a massage table, with hands on healing and very light energetic style massage.

“I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to experience an Energetic Alignment series with the amazing Justine! Before starting my series I was feeling scattered, stressed and overwhelmed as I had a big interstate move coming up and was uncertain of what my life would hold for me. Following my series though, everything just effortlessly seemed to fall into place for me and I felt so aligned and in tune with myself. My sessions were honestly the highlight of my week- being immersed in the treatments was absolute bliss! After each session I felt completely grounded, calm and relaxed, and would float out the door! There’s just something about Justine, she has such a gentle, beautiful energy and instantly makes you feel at peace. Take the time to do something loving for yourself, and treat your body, mind and soul with this restorative practice. Trust me- you will love every single minute of it!”

Heidi Rose, Mind Body Being Coach


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